Surgery day

Only when all the necessary precautions have been taken and the patient is in good health will the operation take place. After the surgery has been successfully completed, the patient is slowly woken up from the anesthesia and is under medical supervision for the next few hours. After the patient has woken up from the anesthesia, the attending doctor comes and informs him about the course of the surgery.

Mental preparation for the operation

The patient should be prepared not only physically but also mentally for the time after the limb lengthening surgery. During this time, the patient needs more help from his environment than before, which is why it can be of great importance to motivate yourself daily so as not to lose sight of the goal.

Pain right after the operation

After the anesthesia gradually subsides, the patient feels pain at the interfaces, but this pain is bearable and can be controlled with painkillers. Pain is also expected during the lengthening process. One of the most effective ways to reduce them is to not neglect the exercises.