Treatment process and healing process

Treatment process and healing process After the desired length has been reached and the patient’s bone substance has hardened, he can walk normally again and return to everyday life. The length of the healing process depends on the patient, he pays attention to his health, diet and some other points so the healing process is […]

Bone growth and nutrition during the treatment phase

It doesn’t matter which method the patient has chosen, the bone growth is the same for all methods. Lengthening surgery involves making a straight cut, also called an osteotomy, on the bone. With the help of the selected method, the patient extends the legs / arms by approx. 1mm daily. During the stretching process, the […]

Sport and exercise after surgery

Stretching exercises are very important after the surgery to avoid problems with joint movements and to help the muscles get used to the new height. Exercises The lengthening process is started approx. 1 week after the surgery and the leg is lengthened by 1 mm daily. If the leg is not moved much after the […]

Before // After


Important things after the surgery

The process of increasing height requires months of attention, care and effort. Therefore, detailed information should be obtained before the procedure and care should be taken to ensure a good recovery. The biggest duty falls on the patient in preventing the risks that may arise.   Washing the feet The area around the bone undergoing […]

Surgery Day

Surgery day Only when all the necessary precautions have been taken and the patient is in good health will the operation take place. After the surgery has been successfully completed, the patient is slowly woken up from the anesthesia and is under medical supervision for the next few hours. After the patient has woken up […]

Surgery Preparation

The operating room, the operating team and the patient are prepared for the surgery. The materials to be used for the procedure are sterilized and prepared. The surgery is planned according to the method to be used and the patient’s condition. Details of the surgical procedure will be communicated to the patient.