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Femur Lengthening

Femur lengthening, also known as limb lengthening, is a surgical procedure used to increase the length of the femur bone in the leg.

Lengthening over nail (LON) and Precice lengthening are two different techniques used in limb lengthening procedures.

The procedure for LON typically involves the use of an external fixator device, which consists of metal rings or frames attached to the bones using pins. The procedure for Precice is similar but in volves specialized telescopic intramedullary nail called the Precice nail. The fixator or Precice nail is adjusted gradually over a period of weeks or months to apply controlled traction and stimulate bone growth in the gap between bone ends.

Daily lengthening dosage is 1mm per day, but it may vary depending on patient’s bone regeneration, condition of soft issues and doctor’s recommendations.