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What is Medical Lengthening?

 The goal of medical lengthening is to address functional or medical concerns, such as correcting limb length discrepancies due to congenital abnormalities, growth deformities, or acquired conditions. It aims to improve mobility, gait mechanics, and overall quality of life.

Medical necessity: Cosmetic lengthening: Cosmetic lengthening is not considered medically necessary. It is an elective procedure chosen solely for cosmetic purposes.

Medical lengthening: Medical lengthening is performed when there is a legitimate medical need, such as a significant limb length discrepancy or a condition affecting functional abilities and quality of life.

Evaluation and treatment decisions: 

Cosmetic lengthening: The decision to undergo cosmetic lengthening is often driven by personal desires and aesthetic preferences. The evaluation and treatment decisions are made based on the individual’s cosmetic goals rather than medical necessity.

Medical lengthening: Medical lengthening requires a thorough evaluation by medical professionals, including orthopedic surgeons. The decision to proceed with medical lengthening is based on careful assessment of the individual’s medical condition, functional limitations, and potential benefits of the procedure.

Acceptance within the medical community:

Medical lengthening: Medical lengthening, when performed for legitimate medical reasons, is recognized and accepted within the medical community. It is conducted by orthopedic specialists who have experience and expertise in limb lengthening procedures.

Risks and potential complications:

Cosmetic lengthening: The risks and potential complications associated with cosmetic lengthening are similar to those of medical lengthening. However, since it is an elective procedure without medical necessity, the risks may be seen as less justified.

Medical lengthening: Medical lengthening carries risks and potential complications, as with any surgical procedure. However, the benefits are typically weighed against the risks based on the medical necessity of the procedure. It’s important to note that the decision to undergo any type of limb lengthening procedure should be made after thorough consideration, consultation with medical professionals, and a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks, benefits, and ethical implications.