Patient consultation, preparation of the surgery plan


Patient consultation, preparation of the surgery plan

 After the desired method has been selected, your doctor will plan the next steps with you.

This plan includes: a precise explanation of the desired method, procedure during the surgery (anesthesia), planned extension size, treatment process and healing process.

 Educational talk

 Before the surgery, there is a doctor-patient conversation, among other things, to create space for questions and time for explanations. The operating doctor and the anesthetist (anesthetist) hold preliminary talks with the patient so that both sides, doctor and patient, can prepare for the procedure in the best possible way and ensure that the operation runs smoothly.

 Various aspects of anesthesia are discussed with the anesthetist in a preliminary talk. For example, if the patient has been taking medication on a daily basis, it must be considered whether to continue this medication on the day of the operation.

In the case of a heart condition or other pre-existing conditions, the type of anesthesia must also be adapted individually. The patient’s state of health as well as the type and scope of the procedure are decisive for the choice of anesthetic method.

In some cases, the state of health is checked again during the Interview. It often happens that a further examination or an additional x-ray is ordered.

 All of this is necessary to minimize complications that may arise during and after the procedure and to shorten the healing process.