The process of increasing height requires months of attention, care and effort. Therefore, detailed information should be obtained before the procedure and care should be taken to ensure a good recovery. The biggest duty falls on the patient in preventing the risks that may arise.


Washing the feet

The area around the bone undergoing surgery should stay away from water for a while. Feet should be washed without touching the device and cuts. The doctor explains in detail the measures to be taken.


Most methods of lengthening surgery have a device other than the leg. Rubbing or applying pressure to the area where this device is standing may damage the area. It is necessary to pay attention to the treated area and protect it.


Dress Preference

The devices required for lengthening will disturb the person for a while in terms of visuality and comfort. It affects the choice of clothing. It is beneficial in terms of comfort to choose loose-fitting clothes that do not tighten the treated area in this process.


Sexual intercourse

It is necessary to stay in the hospital for a while after the lengthening procedures. It is of great importance to protect the treated area after returning home. An adverse movement or excessive load on the leg can cause the bone to rupture. This leads to big long-term problems. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the leg while having sexual intercourse after the procedure.


Don’t move

It is beneficial to walk in a controlled manner after the lengthening surgery. However, it is necessary not to lift heavy or get tired until the recovery is completed. Staying still affects muscle development badly and causes pain. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise in a controlled manner, to maintain muscle movements and not to strain the leg.


Sitting Position

Devices worn after lengthening surgery can strain the waist. It can cause pain. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the lower back while sitting and doing daily work. It is necessary not to stay in the sitting position for too long, and to sit properly while sitting.


Sleep Position

While the healing process continues after the procedure, the treated bone should be protected. Some strains can cause the bones to break or be damaged, especially when the bone is not yet strengthened. Lying on your back while sleeping will protect the leg.


Hot-Cold Contact

Although hot and cold applications are generally applied for pain, they should not be applied directly to the treated areas. It is helpful to keep the area away from extreme cold or heat.


Drug Use

After the surgery, some medications are prescribed for pain and to prevent infection. These usually take the form of pain relievers and antibiotics. Other medications can be used if the doctor deems necessary. If there are medications left before the procedure, they can be started after.



There is a possibility of infection in the bone or soft tissue after lengthening surgeries. For this, the most important thing to pay attention to is hygiene. The incisions on the leg vary according to the method of the procedure. The patient is taught how to care for the area. This maintenance should be done carefully at specified intervals.


Automobile Use

After lengthening surgeries, it is necessary not to drive while lengthening is in progress and before bone healing is completed. This situation can both increase the load on the leg and damage the bone with sudden movements.


Travel on the plane

Although it is not generally recommended to travel by plane for a while after the operations, it is possible in some cases after the procedure. It is helpful to consult a doctor before using an airway.