It doesn’t matter which method the patient has chosen, the bone growth is the same for all methods.

Lengthening surgery involves making a straight cut, also called an osteotomy, on the bone. With the help of the selected method, the patient extends the legs / arms by approx. 1mm daily. During the stretching process, the bones do not remain empty, the body forms new bone substances. The trabeculae (substantia spongiosa) grow together through the accumulation of newly formed bone tissue. This bone tissue is formed by activating the osteoblasts of the inner periosteum (endost).

When the patient has reached the desired size, the extension is stopped, now the body concentrates on hardening the soft bone dimensions. After about 6-8 months (different from patient to patient) the newly formed bones are completely hardened. After this time, you can do heavy sports, run, jump, do everything as before without caution.

Physiotherapy and exercise very important.
In a lengthening surgery, not only are the bones elongated, but also;

    • annoy
    • Veins
    • Tendons
    • Muscles

Two months before the surgery, we advise our patients to do stretching exercises regularly to facilitate growth during the treatment phase and to achieve greater efficiency. This process is very important even after the surgery.

Since your muscles, nerves, veins, and tendons match your old height, the only way to get used to the new height is through stretching exercises. If you follow these rules, nothing stands in the way of a quick return to normalcy.

How important is a healthy diet during the treatment phase? One of the most important things to do after surgery is diet, because proper nutrition promotes bone growth.

Some important vitamins that stimulate bone growth are for example calcium, vitamin D and proteins, some foods in turn deprive the body of calcium and important vitamins that the body needs during this phase. Some of our patients lose weight after surgery while others gain weight. The reason for this is an irregular and unhealthy diet.

After the extension achieved, the weight should ideally fit proportionally to the new height. Find your golden mean with your new height. On request, our nutritionist will create a nutrition plan specially tailored to your weight and height.