Serhat Çelik

I’m Serhat Celik I was born on September 24, 1987 in Istanbul / Kadıköy. I graduated from Trakya University Automotive Department between 2006-2008. I worked as a computer operator in the digital printing industry for 13 years. I have been working as a driver for the organisation team of the Livelifetaller family for about 1 […]

Mesude Çelik

I am Mesude. 15/09/1991 born in China .Nationality is Uyghur. Since I took all my education in Chinese, Chinese is my second mother language.Graduate from Oslo university,major in medical chemistry.since 2014 worked at Merit Royal as Manager for 5 years .since 2019 worked at Flex Turizm as Chinese tour guide for 2.5 years .since 2021 […]

Eren Çıttır

I am Muhammet Eren Çıttır from the nurse team. I was born on September 12, 1996 in Amasya. I studied at Suluova Anatolian Health Vocational High School. While I was in high school, I did my internship at Suluova State Hospital and Amasya State Hospital. Afterwards, I came to Istanbul and worked at Bezmialem University […]

Bayram Aslantaş

I am Bayram Aslantaş, I was born in Malatya/Akçadağ on 16.03.2000. I graduated from Malatya University, Department of Radiology as a radiology technician. I had 1.5 years of experience in several hospitals in Malatya. But working here was a very different experience for me. It is exciting to learn new things and gain new experiences […]

Ömer Gerginci

I’m Medical Team Manager Ömer Gerginci. I born in Ankara , 11 th August 2000. I studied Nurse Faculty at Istanbul University. Before going to university, I did internships in various state hospitals and clinics while I was in high school. Then I did an internship at the university hospital I studied at. I have […]

Asiye Deliçay

I am physical therapist Asiye Deliçay. I was born in Istanbul, 25th May 1998. I studied Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Üsküdar University. While I was in University I had done internships on Orthopaedic, Sport, Neurologic rehabilitation. I received professional training in Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy, Manual Therapy and Pilates Instructor. I have been working […]

Engin Türedi

I’m physical therapist Engin Türedi. I was born in Istanbul, 2th July 1997. I studied Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Istanbul Aydin University. While I was in University I had done internships at Kolan International Hospital, Besiktas Sports Club and Metin Sabanci Turkish Spastic Children Foundation. I took aquatic therapy and Robotic Physical therapy training. […]