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For lengthening surgeries, experienced surgeons, an expert team and the necessary physical conditions must be provided for the procedure to be performed from the hospital. It is important that the location of the procedure is accessible to the patient. Because the doctor's checks will continue at regular intervals during the postoperative period. It is important that the patient trusts the team and is informed in detail when choosing the location where the procedure will be performed.

Extreme sports should be avoided until the bones have healed completely.

After approx. 8 to 12 months, the patient can resume all activities as usual.

The maximum extension varies from method to method and from patient to patient. With the Precice methods, a maximum extension of 8.5 cm is the highest that a patient can achieve. With the Lon method, a lengthening of a maximum of 12 cm is possible (on the thigh,Femur), up to 8 cm it is a safe zone, between 10-12 cm it is a critical zone and not recommended. With all methods, a maximum extension of 8 cm is possible on the lower leg (tibia).

LimbLengthening surgeries are performed from the age of three.

Generally, surgeries that lead back due to developmental problems like short stature are performed at a young age. When a leg is short for various reasons, in some cases it makes sense to start treatment early. However, we recommend to wait until the age of 18-19 for cosmetic lengthening, as the growth phase is not yet fully completed.

Lengthening surgeries are very serious bone interventions. Operations are performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the patient's condition and the doctor's expertise, interventions are performed inside the bone, outside the bone, or both at the same time. In the external intervention, the bone is cracked with a special device and a millimeter device is opened per day. The body constantly closes this damage and enlarges the bone. Lengthening surgeries performed by intervening the internal structure are much more complex. It requires more serious experts and executive structures are different. It is not applied to both legs at the same time. First one leg should be lengthened and then the other leg should be extended.

Lengthening surgery is the only way to increase height in adults. With this process, disorders such as developmental disorders, short stature at an early age and leg length discrepancies can be eliminated. Lengthening operations are also carried out for cosmetic reasons if the
Patient is not satisfied with their height.
The extension processes take time, which means that the patient has to plan this time as well as abstaining from heavy activities during this time. The general operational risks must also be taken into account.

Dr. Halil Buldu works with minimal surgical cuts. When the desired length has been reached, the external fixators are removed and the pine entry points are sutured with minimal incisions so that afterwards hardly any scars can be seen.

For more information about Limb lengthening surgery, please talk to our health consultants.

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