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What are the methods?

Limb Lengthening Methods

Lon Method

With the combined method (Lon method), an internal nail and an external fixation are attached which allow the bone to be extended from the outside.

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Precice 2 Method

The Precice 2 method is a closed method that cannot be seen from the outside. The lengthening is carried out with a magnetic remote control. This method is the most convenient method.

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---- What you have to know before the limb lengthening surgery ----


---- What you have to know after the limb lengthening surgery ----


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We provide top quality process at an affordable price
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We, the team of Dr. Halil Buldu, consisting of physiotherapists, health advisors who have had extension surgery themselves and nutritionists, are on hand to assist the patient on his way before and after the operation.

Our team will advise you in the following languages: Turkish, English, German, Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish.

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With Op.Dr.Halil BULDU you are in safe hands Reach your wish height in the shortest possible time and in the most efficient way from day to day. Contact us and we will determine your height."

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Patient Reviews


hello my name is Burak, I am from istanbul ,36 years old and I am a medical doctor,I
always dreamed of becoming a big high,
because a tall man always has advantages. I could not go to weddings and concerts, I could
not take photos while standing with other people.
In 2018 I started my extension and extended 8 cm from the thigh and 2019 extended 5 cm
from my lower leg. I was 1.62 and now I am 1.75m, only in 7 months.
I can not describe my feelings. You have to experience something like that.
Thanks to the team lifelivetaller they motivated me so muchand were always there for me


hello my name is Hasan from holland,  
I was 1.76 tall and my biggest wish was simply to be bigger than the average
because they are all high people in holland and now I'm 1.85 I have self-confidence again
and that was the best success I've ever had
thanks livelifetaller for the motivation i was scared at the beginning i didn't know what to
but they encouraged me so much and I felt so strong. Thankkk uuuuu


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