Stryde Method

Stryde Method

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Stryde Method

What is a Precice Stryde Method?

 STRYDE nails are made of stainless steel, which much stronger and durable than PRECICE 2 titanium-made nails
STRYDE nails can easily bear full weight of the patients so thats why after few weeks of crutch usage you will be able to walk around without any help.

The PRECICE Stryde method is the new version of the Precice method.
The extension is due to the magnetic effect between the PRECICE Stryde intramedullary nail and the remote control (ERC).
This technology enables the patient to be 400% more resilient than the Precice method during the treatment period.
The operation lasts on average between 3 to 5 hours under general anesthesia.


Advantages of the Precice Stryde method?


  • 400% higher resilience during treatment compared to the Precice method
  • Loadable with full weight without help
  • Reinforced internal mechanism compared to the Precice method
  • New Precice magnet technology
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Significantly better cosmetic result
  • Better joint mobility
  • Greatest possible comfort
  • Nothing recognizable from the outside


Disadvantages of the Precice Stryde method?

  • No external intervention if there are problems with the intramedullary nail
  • Limited movement options during treatment
  • The most expensive method
  • The remote control (ERC) must always be at hand

The Risks With Precice Stryde Method?

  • Anesthesia incidents
  • Bleeding during or after surgery
  • Wound infections

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